Learning to Crochet

I see little cute teddies in other newborn portraits, and they are quite dear to buy. I’ve seen many of them on Etsy.

I thought I’ll teach myself to make them. I started with hair ties. Wasn’t quite as easy to pick up as I’d hoped. But I’m quite stubborn (determined). It started to come together after many many attempts.

I was so chuffed when there started to look like the picture on the pattern.

Next I moved straight on to teddy’s. Completely different kettle of fish, but I got there.

My Mum was chuffed when I gave her this bear to use in one of her prams (Mum & Dads hobby doing up old fashion prams).

I can’t put into words just how proud I am to see a picture I’ve taken, using a bear I’ve made myself.

I thought I’d like to try using layers. So I made a blanket too. Pretty proud of myself by now I can tell you.

I’m really looking forward to using them for the 2 newborns I’m photographing this weekend and next.

A Night to Shine 22nd September 2018

On Saturday I was one of the photographers photographing the sponsored walk in aid of Pilgrims Hospice in Ashford, Kent.

The weather was pretty awful, but everyone; walkers and organisers were all joyful and determined to raise funds.

I would definitely like to be included in future events (they emailed me today and I’m on the list).

18th Birthday Party

I happily photographed this lovely young lady’s 18th birthday party.

I car share with her Mum to work, thats how I got to know her. She’s started Uni now, very proud Honoury-Aunt.

I was invited as a friend but I prefer to have a job to do, so I mingled as much as I could, and tried to get as many pictures for her as I could during the time I was there.

Meg time

Entertained one of my bf’s eldest daughter for 10 minutes whilst she put her youngest down for a nap.

I also had the opportunity to try out my new 85mm lens 🙂

I submitted this picture for the Portrait Assignment for my Advanced Photography Assignment I am taking with the Institute of Photography – top marks woohoo 🙂

Photography Courses I have completed since returning to Photography

Here are the photography courses I have done so far, since my accident, to learn new skills, reinforce ones I already have and most of all help build my self esteem as the accident gave it a severe bashing.

I am also signed up for more courses in the near future.

Diploma in Photography – Institute Of Photography
Adult education Canterbury – Photography – Portraits
Adult education Sevenoaks – Photography – People and Portraits
Unshaken – Beginners Portrait Photography Course
Robert Canis – Dungeness Photographic Workshop
Robert Canis – Ashford – Close-up Nature Photography Workshop
Pauls Studio – Essex – Children’s Portrait Photography
Lynda.com – Exploring Photography: Finding the Perfect Lens
Lynda.com – Narrative Portraiture: Foundations of Portraiture
Lynda.com – Up and running with the Canon 6D
Lynda.com – Kids Photography: Newborns
Lynda.com – Finding the Perfect Portrait Lens

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