Learning to Crochet

I see little cute teddies in other newborn portraits, and they are quite dear to buy. I’ve seen many of them on Etsy.

I thought I’ll teach myself to make them. I started with hair ties. Wasn’t quite as easy to pick up as I’d hoped. But I’m quite stubborn (determined). It started to come together after many many attempts.

I was so chuffed when there started to look like the picture on the pattern.

Next I moved straight on to teddy’s. Completely different kettle of fish, but I got there.

My Mum was chuffed when I gave her this bear to use in one of her prams (Mum & Dads hobby doing up old fashion prams).

I can’t put into words just how proud I am to see a picture I’ve taken, using a bear I’ve made myself.

I thought I’d like to try using layers. So I made a blanket too. Pretty proud of myself by now I can tell you.

I’m really looking forward to using them for the 2 newborns I’m photographing this weekend and next.

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