Learning to Crochet

I see little cute teddies in other newborn portraits, and they are quite dear to buy. I’ve seen many of them on Etsy.

I thought I’ll teach myself to make them. I started with hair ties. Wasn’t quite as easy to pick up as I’d hoped. But I’m quite stubborn (determined). It started to come together after many many attempts.

I was so chuffed when there started to look like the picture on the pattern.

Next I moved straight on to teddy’s. Completely different kettle of fish, but I got there.

My Mum was chuffed when I gave her this bear to use in one of her prams (Mum & Dads hobby doing up old fashion prams).

I can’t put into words just how proud I am to see a picture I’ve taken, using a bear I’ve made myself.

I thought I’d like to try using layers. So I made a blanket too. Pretty proud of myself by now I can tell you.

I’m really looking forward to using them for the 2 newborns I’m photographing this weekend and next.

Newborn Questions & Answers

I am asked a number of questions when couples are planning a Newborn Portrait Session, so I thought I would dedicate a post to questions & answers.

Tiny Tots Newborn Portrait sessions can be booked anytime in your 3rd trimester, “pencilled” in my diary during the 2 weeks following your due date.

The exact date can be confirmed once baby arrives, moving it either way if needed, or actually going ahead on the planned session date. The actual timing of the session can be arranged on the morning, session, when you will have an idea of their feeding pattern for the day.

The session is focused solely on them, so feeds, nappy changes, comforting, whatever the baby needs. That’s why I have put 2-4 hours in the description.

If you have anything you would like me to include if I can, by all means, we can talk about it before the session of actually on the day. If there is a particular colour to avoid, please let me know.

I like to photograph baby’s during their first 14 days. Of course this is not always possible. I like to start the session with them sleeping, when possible, setting up whilst they are having a feed.

If you have a special family member, or siblings to include in the pictures, I advise planning this towards the end of the baby’s picture session.

I bring my own props, all of them washable, accidents do happen. I have pretty much experienced them all from peeing to projectile pooh.

After the session I try to share the edited proofs within 2 weeks.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me and I will do my best to get back to you.

Take care

A Night to Shine 22nd September 2018

On Saturday I was one of the photographers photographing the sponsored walk in aid of Pilgrims Hospice in Ashford, Kent.

The weather was pretty awful, but everyone; walkers and organisers were all joyful and determined to raise funds.

I would definitely like to be included in future events (they emailed me today and I’m on the list).

Family Studio Portrait Session

At Bigjam Studio’s in Sittingbourne, at the beginning of December.

Using the new studio they have moved to. I have photographed this lovely lad a couple of times before but it was the first time I met the rest of the family, his Mum is a very good friend of mine.

On-Location Child Portrait session at the Environmental Centre

I had a lovely time with this little lady, her Mum, Nan & dog. We are going to be meeting up again.

I’ve been to the Environmental Centre before. I was actually taken there by the Occupational therapist a number of times, with my camera. I have been there a few times with friends and my parents.

I’ve been there at different times of year aswell. I’ve also been there for a few workshops and photographed a party there.

I think its a great place, and strongly recommend their coffee and cakes 🙂


On-Location and Studio Portrait Packages

dual focus photography, ashford, Kent

2 new pages

I have been working on updating my website after the recent flush of On-Location (Lifestyle) Portrait sessions.

I am very pleased to now offer packages for both on-location and studio portraits.

My 2 new pages are:



Thank you

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